Case Studies

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Computer Sciences Corporation under contract with the Federal Aviation Administration is developing the modernization of the Traffic Flow Management System. The TFM System is a strategic air traffic control system that supports planning national air traffic. CSC is following a full software lifecycle development. The architecture is service oriented. The development work is using Java within a J2EE environment. mPower Software Services is providing software development activities include design, code and test, QA, Systems Administration and Technical Writing and Site Survey.

The Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) is the Army's core initiative to totally replace the two largest, most important warfighting support National-level logistics systems; the inventory management Commodity Command Standard System (CCSS), and the depot and arsenal operations Standard Depot System (SDS). LMP is a backbone for achieving Army Log Domain Strategic IT Plan and the Single Army Logistics Enterprise (SALE) vision. mPower Software Services provides development and programming support to CSC for portions of this imitative.

mPower is engaged by ABi to provide project management and programming and development support for the ABiCS system. ABiCS is a one of a kind solution in the ISP market place, providing consolidation of networks, implementation, support and billing possible through a one-stop shop methodology.

When PGW sought a partner to provide managed IT services and desktop support in 2006, they turned to mPower Software Services. Today, mPower is providing all Level 2 support and move, add and change for approximately 1,100 desktop and laptop computers, 200 personal printers and 40 network printers company-wide for Philadelphia Gas Works.

mPower was engaged by ClearPoint to develop the iLabor Staffing Web Portal. The iLabor™ Network is the largest virtual marketplace for finding and placing contingent talent positions. iLabor clients place all of their contingent talent staffing needs into our iLabor™ portal and the orders are simultaneously released to our network of talent providers – The iLabor™ Network.

Showing Results 1 - 5 of 7