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mPower Software Development Services used by CSC in Support of FAA Software Modernization

The Client: Computer Sciences Corporation / United States Army

Computer Sciences Corporation CSC is an information technology (IT) and business Services Company headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. CSC predominantly provides IT personnel staffing services in the following areas: systems integration and professional services; enterprise application development and management; application software for the financial services industry; business process outsourcing; managed hosting services; and application and IT infrastructure outsourcing. CSC’s consulting and professional services include advising clients on the acquisition and utilization of IT and on business strategy, security, modeling, simulation, engineering, operations, change management and business process reengineering. CSC serves Fortune Global 1000 companies in fifteen industries and national and local governments.

Project Description

Computer Sciences Corporation under contract with the Federal Aviation Administration is developing the modernization of the Traffic Flow Management System. The TFM System is a strategic air traffic control system that supports planning national air traffic. CSC is following a full software lifecycle development. The architecture is service oriented. The development work is using Java within a J2EE environment.

mPower Software Services is providing software development activities include design, code and test, QA, Systems Administration and Technical Writing and Site Survey. The support skill level requires background in software development including design. Key skills include Java programming, J2EE including Enterprise Java Bean development and Oracle application server. The hardware platform is HP workstations and servers running Linux. mPower IS developing the software design using standard TFMM processes, templete and tools. Support peer reviews of the Prime contractor design products. mPower will prepare and conduct software tests using standard TFMM processes. All work is being performed at CSC Egg Harbor Facility in New Jersey with some testing at the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Pomona, New Jersey.