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IT Recruiting & Technology Staffing Services

Our IT recruiters deliver exceptionally talented IT employees you can depend on.

As your business grows, so too does your need for professional IT support. mPower can provide the most highly qualified technology employees based on your specific IT requirements. mPower IT staffing and recruiting services help you to quickly assemble teams and locate hard-to-find IT skill sets. From software developers and IT systems integrators, to network security and risk management experts, to technical support and help desk personnel, mPower IT staffing delivers professionals you can count on.

  • Effective IT recruiting and staffing
  • In-depth internal IT skills training and testing
  • Extensive geographic reach with resources throughout the Mid-Atlantic
  • High employee retention rates
  • Comprehensive screening

Technical Recruiting that Delivers Professional IT Talent

mPower will work closely with you to identify your IT requirements, then present carefully screened candidates who meet or exceed those requirements and your expectations. mPower has access to IT professionals and a network of technology resources for all of your IT staffing needs. Each potential candidate undergoes in-depth technical aptitude evaluations, background checks, and drug testing to ensure he or she is qualified and possesses the appropriate skill set. In addition, mPower is available to handle compensation and benefits packages, ongoing training, on-site team management, and whatever it takes to transition our IT professionals into your permanent employees.

mPower IT Recruiting Benefits:

  • 100% focused on IT recruiting and staffing, delivering professionals with core technology skills (Java, .NET, etc)
  • Candidate screening and testing
  • IT skills training and evaluations
  • Very high retention rate for placed candidates
  • Flexible staffing models and “right-to-hire” agreements
  • On-site involvement and continued support from mPower staff

Project-Based IT Staff Augmentation Services

mPower can provide IT staff augmentation by locating hard-to-find technology skill sets and assembling specified teams on a per project basis. Technology resources are drawn from a highly diverse and screened pool of IT professionals based on the specific technology expertise required for a given project. mPower’s project based IT staffing services feature the same benefits as recruiting full-time IT employees including “right-to-hire” and “temp-to-permanent hiring arrangements.

mPower recognizes that our clients want stability in their systems and growth in their business. When shortages in staff or skills occur, these factors can be affected. Some clients simply need to augment their IT staff with competent resources utilizing existing methodologies and processes “in-house”. Our experience and view into the technology market allow us to provide some of the best resources available globally.

mPower Staff Augmentation Services help clients to quickly assemble teams and to locate hard-to-find skill sets.
The quality of our resources often turns staff augmentation into a broader relationship. Through the demands of staffing the widest possible range of technology requirements, mPower’s staff augmentation business creates a highly diverse pool of tested resources.

With a blend of product knowledge and a competent pool of high-end consultants, mPower can enable clients to concentrate on their core business with the confidence that they are equipped to handle any IT requirements.
Over the years we have remained at the forefront of technology by recruiting, training and deploying top talent in emerging technologies. We have maintained vendor status with many of our clientele spanning various industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Government and Pharmaceutical.

Customized Pricing Options

mPower Staffing Services provide flexible options in delivering the talent. These include:

  • Time and Materials
  • Right to Hire
  • Direct Placement
  • Fixed price / project based

Staffing Services Program Overview

mPower offers a mature Managed Staffing Solution for organizations looking to optimize their manpower or outsourced service operations. mPower is currently working with several clients to provide Staffing Solutions ranging from fully outsourced teams like: Desktop Support, Application Development, Network Services/ Support, Project Management, Audit and Risk, Business Analysis, etc. mPower provides “the right- sized” staffing solution to augment or replace your niche operations; whether it’s an experienced team of skilled technicians or one or two individuals we have the infrastructure and understanding to deploy the right solution. Our teams are built to satisfy the client’s operational and financial objectives; they are dynamic, by composition, and adjusted as the client need commands. This dynamic approach to managing resources enables us to provide a greater amount of quality resources without the traditional cost.

Our staffing solutions are designed to provide individuals with varying degrees of experience, which creates financial and operational flexibility as the project or operational objective matures. When it comes to client Staffing Solutions, our experience has shown the right team can become a valuable asset; rather than just another operational expense.

For staff augmentation assignments we require as much information as the client is authorized to give about the job environment, position requirements, rate expectations vis a vis funding and duration. This information helps to insure that once the candidate is in front of you the choice becomes yours and yours alone.

For permanent placement or right-to-hire positions we require most of the above in order to do a good job. To do the BEST job we’d welcome, and in many respects need, the opportunity to review the client culture (including benefits) to ensure that if/when the time comes for a client to extend an offer of full-time employment our candidate/consultant is, again, comfortable in the knowledge that the position is totally appropriate for him/her.

IT Staffing Customized to your Unique Technology Requirements

Flexible IT Staffing and Recruiting

mPower provides a flexible approach to technology staffing with right-to-hire, temp-to-permanent, fixed price, time and materials, and not-to-exceed pricing terms available. mPower can accommodate unique IT staffing requirements including large-scale recruitment and staffing projects and staffing and training at multiple facilities. In some cases, a combination of our IT recruits, mPower project management, and/or offshore technology resources may be the optimal solution for your requirements. Whatever the case, mPower offers flexibility uncommon among typical IT staffing agencies and IT recruiters.

Why Use mPower IT Staffing & Recruiting?

Finding IT Talent with a Proven Process

mPower’s recruitment processes are modeled after proven ISO standards. Each assignment, whether client-driven or anticipatory, begins with a thorough search of our internal database, where we cull from thousands of IT candidate records, networking from general to specific; as we drill down to locate the most appropriate technical talent available.

To augment this effort, commercial databases (e.g., Indeed, Dice, etc.) are used to ensure that “new talent” is constantly pumped into the mix of candidates so that, as people are hired or otherwise remove themselves from the IT job market, we are forging and building new relationships within the talent pool.

When new candidates are identified the vetting process begins. All candidates go through an extensive initial interview to insure that they are right for the consulting/contracting industry. At this time we discuss, where available, specific requirements of the position. The potential candidate is then technically evaluated (we use an online service called ProveIt! to maintain consistency of results), referenced (which can include a myriad of background checks- criminal, civil, credit, and/or drug screening) and closed on salary. Reference checks will be done for every candidate submitted where practicable. Only now is the candidate ready to be “pipelined,” put forth to a client for interview, or placed on an mPower project!

Working with mPower to Fill Your Technology Staffing Needs

When contact is initiated, either by mPower or the client, and a consulting need is identified, we will immediately fill out an mPower Job Order Form (Requirements form) and begin our recruitment campaign on your behalf.

We will take the timeline information that you provide and set up a schedule with dates for: 1) delivering candidate profiles; 2) setting up phone screens/face to face interviews; and 3) setting potential start dates.

We will manage this process through internal “checkpoint” meetings. These are scheduled daily and insure that we know, at all times, where we are in the recruitment campaign. Also, should the scope of the position(s) alter in any way, the client will have the opportunity to pass that information along in a timely manner so that, if appropriate, our searches can be tweaked. The tool provided for these meetings will be our Candidate In-Process Report.

Of course, communication between mPower and the client doesn’t end when the interview schedules or start dates are set. We welcome, and will solicit, feedback on how we’re doing. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. On those rare instances when we miss the mark we will do our best to figure out both why it happened and how to make sure that it doesn’t re-occur.

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