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IT Recruiting and Staffing, the mPower Process

IT Recruiting and Staffing Services Overview

mPower Software Services has embraced a recruiting strategy allowing for timely, flexible and accurate searching when undertaking new recruiting assignments. We couple this with an on-going recruitment campaign to identify technical talent in certain “core skill” areas.

mPower’s recruitment strategy involves daily, structured exchange of information between our Sales & Marketing Division and our Recruiting Division. This is in addition to the contemporaneous communication that occurs between the sales people in the field and “back office” recruiters and allows for the constant upgrade of information regarding business opportunities and our available talent pool. Our strategy ensures that the information that recruiters are using to source and select candidates is always accurate and well defined. It also ensures that our sales force is armed with the latest information regarding each prospect put forward to a client.

In addition to recruiting for specific client projects mPower is involved in an on-going effort to define the IT market place and anticipate client needs. Through extensive market research we have developed- and modify on a continuous basis- a “pipeline” of potential candidates that we can deploy to client projects. In essence, conducting recruiting campaigns on behalf of our clients even before a need has risen. Not only does this allow us to gain an edge in response time to clients, it also allows us the opportunity to lock in valuable technical talent before our competitors can do so.

Finding IT Talent

mPower has modeled their recruitment processes after proven ISO standards. Each assignment, whether client-driven or anticipatory, begins with a thorough search of our internal database, where we cull from thousands of IT candidate records, networking from general to specific; as we drill down to locate the most appropriate technical talent available. To augment this effort, commercial databases (e.g., Indeed, Dice, etc.) are used to ensure that “new talent” is constantly pumped into the mix of candidates so that, as people are hired or otherwise remove themselves from the job market, we are forging and building new relationships within the talent pool.

When new candidates are identified the vetting process begins. All candidates go through an extensive initial interview to insure that they are right for the consulting/contracting industry. At this time we discuss, where available, specific requirements of the position. The potential consultant is then technically evaluated (we use an on-line service called ProveIt! to maintain consistency of results), referenced (which can include a myriad of background checks- criminal, civil, credit, and/or drug screening) and closed on salary. Reference checks will be done for every candidate submitted where practicable. Only now is the candidate ready to be “pipelined,” put forth to a client for interview, or placed on an mPower project.

Successful IT Recruiting

mPower’s success at partnering with our client companies is only partly due to the above stated parameters and procedures. The best, most mutually beneficial and profitable client relationships that we have are grounded in a true sense of teamwork and partnership. These kinds of relationships require a level of communication that may go well beyond the standard salesperson-client discussions.

For staff augmentation assignments we require as much information as the client is authorized to give about the job environment, position requirements, rate expectations vis a vis funding and duration. This information helps to insure that once the candidate is in front of you the choice becomes yours and yours alone, i.e., the candidate is closed, he knows everything about the position and is sold on it. YOU ALONE decide on the candidate’s appropriateness, comfortable with the knowledge that he has already decided that your position is totally appropriate for him.

We have found that the best way to keep a candidate motivated and work within a client’s time constraints is to establish timelines early in the process. Typically, a client will give us detail regarding what they would like to see relating to timing and we will set up a schedule with dates for: delivering candidate profiles, setting up phone screens/face to face interviews, and setting potential start dates. This allows both the client and the candidate to better manage their time and it allows the candidate to maintain realistic expectations.

The mPower Technology Staffing Process

When contact is initiated, either by mPower or the client, and a consulting need is identified, we will immediately fill out an mPower Job Order Form (Requirements form) and begin our recruitment campaign on your behalf.
We will take the timeline information that you provide and set up a schedule with dates for: 1) delivering candidate profiles; 2) setting up phone screens/face to face interviews; and 3) setting potential start dates.
We will manage this process through internal “checkpoint” meetings. These are scheduled daily and insure that we know, at all times, where we are in the recruitment campaign. Also, should the scope of the position(s) alter in any way, the client will have the opportunity to pass that information along in a timely manner so that, if appropriate, our searches can be tweaked. The tool provided for these meetings will be our Candidate In-Process Report.
Of course, communication between mPower and the client doesn’t end when the interview schedules or start dates are set. We welcome, and will solicit, feedback on how we’re doing. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. On those rare instances when we miss the mark we will do our best to figure out both why it happened and how to make sure that it doesn’t re-occur.