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Employee Benefits and Compensation

mPower delivers exceptional services and consistently superior results to our clients through our highly skilled and motivated employees. We will strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, which is fundamental to our growth through superior reputation and client references. Our business model is based on our core values of treating employees exceedingly fair, driving clients to superior performance and consistently enhancing our reputation among our peers for technical excellence, integrity and achievement. Attracting and retaining an exceptional and diverse workforce is paramount to our success.


Full-time regular employees accrue personal time off for vacation, illness and floating holidays. Part-time employees accrue time off on a pro-rated basis.


Employees working a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible to participate in the mPower Software Services health insurance plan. mPower offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that includes vision and prescription drug benefits. Health insurance is available for employees and their family. Employees contribute a portion of the premium through regular payroll deductions.


All employees and family members enrolled in the medical insurance plan are concurrently enrolled in the dental plan. mPower covers approximately 80% of the premium cost. Coverage includes children’s orthodontia.

401(K) PLAN

mPower helps our employees plan for the future by offering a 401(k) Plan. The plan allows all employees to defer part of their income on a tax-favored basis into the plan. You are eligible to join the plan at the first entry date after your date of hire: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. You are fully vested after only 1 year of service. For all employees (full-time, part-time, or independent) working a minimum of 1000 hours in the plan year, MPower matches a portion of their contributions to further assist in retirement savings. Loans and hardship withdrawals are available under this plan.


mPower provides basic life insurance and long-term and short-term Disability insurance for all full-time employees at no cost to the employee.


mPower offers a Flexible Spending Benefit Program designed to save you money. It allows you to have a portion of your income set aside on a pre-tax basis for the payment of medical, dental, vision and prescription drug expenses, and qualified over-the-counter medications as well as dependent and child care expenses.


To encourage and reward those individuals who show a commitment to improving themselves and their position within the company by continuing their education, mPower offers partial reimbursement for successful completion of pre-approved training courses. In addition, professional training programs are available which enable you to enhance your technical knowledge.

Join our winning team of IT professionals and experience the challenges, rewards, and benefits – you will be glad you did!