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mPower Software Services today announced it has been awarded a subcontract by Lockheed Martin Corporation to assist in the development and implementation of the Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) program for the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of System Operations Programs.

A continuation contract with CSC on the U.S. Army LMP program has been awarded to mPower Software Services. mPower is looking for qualified candidates and can provide competitive salaries along with an excellent benefit package. Openings are avaialble for individuals with skills in the following areas; SAP technical developers (all disciplines), middleware applications administrators, SAP functional ERP specialists, training analysts, principal developers, Oracle DBAs, and quality assurance analysts.

Released this month, mPower Standardized is a complete desktop lifecycle management solution from mPower Software Services designed to resolve, simplify, and manage large-scale corporate desktop challenges. From multiple PC images and non-standard applications, to network device security and software compliance issues, there are many hurdles that enterprise-level businesses struggle to overcome. mPower Standardized provides a unique framework for simplifying desktop management and desktop standardization that can be implemented when tackling many enterprise IT initiatives such as Windows 7 migrations, technology refreshes, vendor or license audits, and application rationalization. In addition, through a partnership with BDNA of Mountain View, Ca, mPower Standardized delivers comprehensive IT visibility and data normalization tools used to discover and rationalize an IT environment faster and more accurately than any other available tools.

mPower Software Services of Newtown, PA and BDNA of Mountain View, Ca have announced a partnership between the two firms. mPower will be integrating BDNA's IT discovery and visibility solutions into many of their desktop solutions services. In return, BDNA has selected mPower as a service partner to provide BDNA clients with professional consultation, assessment, analysis and implementation using BDNA products. Windows 7 migrations, technology refreshes, and software license compliance audits represent some of the desktop solutions mPower will utilize BDNA products for.

mPower will be presenting along with BDNA and guest speaker Don Jones, MVP, Concentrated Tech on the topic Windows 7 migration and its impact on software licenses. Specifically, mPower will focus on application standardization, and highlight mPower Standardized, an approach to simplifying desktop management, and how the approach can pay big dividends when tackling a large-scale Windows 7 migration.

Showing Results 1 - 5 of 6