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mPower Software Services introduces mPower Standardized, a desktop lifecycle management solution

NEWTOWN, PA – mPower Software Services, a provider of IT business solutions and technology staffing services, today introduced mPower Standardized™, a complete desktop lifecycle management solution designed to resolve, simplify, and manage large-scale corporate desktop challenges.

“mPower Standardized is a unique approach to simplifying desktop management,” said Mark Buscaglia, vice president of managed services at mPower. “We have developed a framework to desktop standardization designed to standardize desktop environments, simplify delivery of new technologies, reduce ongoing end user support costs, and manage technology assets across an entire organization.”

While mPower Standardized is essentially a framework for desktop standardization, Buscaglia points out that the framework can be applied when tackling many large-scale IT initiatives such as Windows 7 migrations, technology refreshes, vendor or license audits, and application rationalization.

The mPower Standardized framework allows businesses to take a comprehensive look at their IT environment and standardize desktops in conjunction with solving whatever the pressing or current IT initiative may be.  This leads to long-term cost savings and a solid desktop management foundation rather than only addressing the pressing initiative.

The mPower Standardized framework is centered on a best-practices approach to creating a standardized desktop environment. Through a multi-layered approach, Standardized delivers a true universal OS and single image technology. The framework includes the following:

  • Universal Image – standardize and automate the operating system
  • Application Library – organize, automate, and manage applications
  • Delivery Toolset – centralize deployment of applications and settings
  • Management Hierarchy – organize and manage the alignment of roles and their corresponding application resources
  • Security Controls – protecting company assets and information

In addition, through a partnership with BDNA of Mountain View, Ca, mPower Standardized delivers comprehensive IT visibility and data normalization tools used to discover and rationalize an IT environment faster and more accurately than any other available tools.

“We’ve found BDNA’s solutions deliver what we need to quickly discover and normalize data across a client’s entire IT infrastructure,” said Buscaglia, “BDNA allows us to reduce the IT asset discovery phase of a project down to hours or days instead of what literally used to take weeks or months.”

“In simple terms, mPower Standardized is a smarter approach to tackling large desktop initiatives,” said Buscaglia. “We have been able to demonstrate that a standardized and rationalized Windows 7 OS and application environment can cut ongoing management costs by as much as 60% when the mPower Standardized framework is deployed in conjunction with a Windows 7 migration solution.”

mPower Software Services is currently offering free assessments and demonstrations of how mPower Standardized desktop lifecycle management solution can be used  to reduce cost for enterprise-level desktop projects. To register for a free assessment, visit  For additional information about mPower Standardized, please contact mPower Software Services at 215-497-9730 or visit

About mPower Software Services

mPower Software Services is an IT solutions firm that serves the technology project and staffing needs of mid to large-size businesses. Through a range of desktop solutions, proprietary services including mPower Standardized desktop lifecycle management, application and software development capabilities, and high-technology staffing services, mPower delivers IT solutions that drive change and meet business objectives for their clients. Founded in 1994, mPower has delivered high visibility solutions to clients in industries ranging from public utilities, defense, financial, FAA, and Fortune 500 organizations.