mPower Standardized Cloud Based IT Management Solution

mPower Standardize is a Cloud Based Infrastructure Asset Standardization and Management technology. It drives higher business performance by dramatically increasing the efficiency of your infrastructure management processes. Using our experience in combining essential business intelligence with asset management data, mPower Standardize provides unparalleled levels of accuracy, reliability, speed and direction to help organizations package, deploy, and manage their hardware and software assets.



Beyond IT Asset Management

Unlike ITAM solutions, mPower Standardized is not simply an asset discovery tool for continuous IT tracking and monitoring. mPower Standardized is a precursor to specific strategic, operational or technical initiatives. It gives you the starting point, or baseline by providing a full picture of IT assets, answering not only what assets are in place and where, but also which versions and who is using them. Then you can confirm why each asset is needed to make sure that you, and all of your employees, have exactly what they need to perform.


What Problems Does It Solve?

mPower Standardized evaluates and reconciles IT asset data in order to solve the prevalent problems including; Lack of visibility of IT assets, overspending on licensing and maintenance, inefficient tech support for business users, underestimating the scope of new IT deployments, and IT asset management including packaging, deployment, UAT, controls, and maintenance.