What is mPower Advance?

mPower Advance is a technology and process driven service that discovers, evaluates and reconciles IT asset data from multiple sources to provide a single, actionable view of all assets across your organization.

How much does the mPower Advance proof of concept cost?

There is no fee for the standard proof of concept service.

Do I have to sign an NDA?

Yes, there is a required Terms and Conditions document for full details.

What are the client roles and responsibilities?

Discovery Setup Assistance
An mPower consultant will assist the Customer in setting up the data capture requirements for the mPower Advance proof of concept execution including providing an understanding of the data required for the proof of concept and how it will be captured by the customer for mPower to process. This data required will include:

  • Systems Management tool extract
  • HR personnel extract
  • Business Organization extract
  • Purchase Order System extract

What are the deliverables/ results for the mPower Advance proof of concept?

The key deliverable of the mPower Advance proof of concept consists of:

  • Enterprise Level Findings Report – This is a report that plays back the information gathered and processed in an executive brief format. It contains text, charts and graphics to show what is currently in the client’s environment. It will highlight the findings and demonstrate opportunities for improvement.
  • A Presentation and Standardized playback of details on 10% of the assets, up to 1000. A randomly selected 10% of the assets will be loaded into mPower’s Standardized tool. mPower will provide a presentation of the findings as well as show the client the detail of the 10% selected through our Standardized tool. We will demonstrate the details available, reporting available and the overall process enablement that our tool provides. The demonstration could result in reports and spreadsheets being created and provided to the client. This presentation has not yet been developed.

What is the timeline for delivered mPower Advance proof of concept results?

The mPower Advance proof of concept will be delivered in 3-4 weeks of receiving all data required to run the service.

How many devices will be included in mPower Advance proof of concept discovery?

10% of your assets (workstations/laptops) up to 1,000.

What type of devices do you discover in the mPower Advance proof of concept?

All devices identified with an IP address in your Systems Management Tool (SCCM, Alteris, etc.).

How much notice do you need before the mPower Advance proof of concept start date?

The typical start time is two weeks after signing up for the proof of concept service.

Will mPower provide TCO for mPower Advance before the proof of concept start date?

Yes, we will provide an estimate for the full effort and will right size the information after the initial proof of concept.

Why do I need mPower Advance?

IT Asset lifecycle management process is a necessity for companies to remain competitive with rival more powerful and sustained organizations.

By taking advantage of cost-effective and intuitive services, decision-makers can ensure they keep up with current IT trends without sacrificing efficiency, security and budgetary constraints. While the benefits associated with proper asset management are well known, there are also challenges that can hurt an organization if the technology is not approached correctly.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form below to request an mPower Advance proof of concept or call 1-215-497-9730 ext 233 and speak to one of our representatives.

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