Discover All Software Assets in Your Environment

To make the proper decisions on how your software licensing, it is imperative that you know and understand all of the software assets in your environment. The mPower Advance technology provides a full view of all of your software assets, making software license management simple. If it exists on a piece of equipment with a heartbeat (IP address), we can find it.



Work with Usable Data

mPower makes your software asset data consumable by marrying the data with your organization-specific human capital, matching your software assets to employees. In addition, through the integration of market data points from BDNA’s Technopedia, mPower will categorize and align assets with details such as product histories, software support levels, hardware dimensions and power consumption.



Reconcile your Software Assets

The reconciling of your software assets in a logical framework, eliminating the discrepancies in naming conventions, version control, serial number mismatches, and end-of-life details allows you to easily determine what you have versus what your licenses are, ultimately saving you time and money.



Flexible Reporting

mPower can deliver software license and asset data using your pre-existing report formats, or we can deliver the data in a format you choose so you can create your own reports.