Move Assets to the Cloud

In an effort to cut costs and increase both scalability and flexibility, many enterprises are adopting cloud services to replace traditional hardware or standard business software assets. With a greater understanding of your IT assets, mPower can synchronize your entire collection of assets for a swift migration to the cloud.



Know Before You Go

What assets do we have? Where are they? Who has them? Who needs them? How are they used today? How should they be used? How much are they costing us? With mPower, the answers are spelled out for you in a comprehendible, readable format with mPower Advance.



Ease Cloud Migration

With the answers at your fingertips, you can ready your assets for a smooth and simple migration that hardly affects your business continuity. mPower brings bottom-line benefits and enhanced productivity to every aspect of your cloud initiatives. We will help you discover assets for less than a third of the cost, reconcile with nearly twice the accuracy, and standardize the data in a third of the time as compared to typical asset standardization engagements.



  • Start with complete picture of IT assets to more accurately forecast the potential cost and support benefits of moving assets to the cloud
  • Identify unused assets and “clean house” before cloud migration
  • By knowing what, how, and when assets should be moved, reduce IT time and effort for research, planning, and execution required pre, during, and post-migration
  • Establish a baseline scope for License Tracking and Management of the cloud services
  • Automate tasks associated with the cloud migration while increasing overall IT productivity
  • Ensure compliance with vendor requirements and reduce risk from audits with a full inventory of assets against contracts