M&A IT Asset Due Diligence

Gain a complete picture of IT assets to more accurately forecast the potential operational and financial results from strategic business mergers and acquisitions. Complete the merge before the merge. Understand not only your own IT assets, but your target’s assets as well. By providing full view discovery, mPower can ease the pain and reduce the complexity of merging multiple IT environments.


Accuracy and Speed

Reduce the IT time and effort for research, planning and execution required pre, during, and post-transaction and do it with pin-point accuracy.



Risk Management

Decrease security risks and costs from unsupported or unlicensed software.



Ease of Integration

Align both pools of assets in a compatible format, allowing for easy, painless integration for even the most complex IT environments.



IT Savings for Mergers and Acquisitions

mPower brings bottom-line benefits and enhanced productivity to every aspect of your M&A efforts. We will help you discover assets for less than a third of the cost, standardize the data in a third of the time and deploy with nearly twice the accuracy as compared to typical asset standardization engagements.