Assess Your Current Applications

With so many application packaging formats to consider, compatibility testing must be used to assess particular applications and determine the suitable formats for them and the users. Prepare your business to handle the growing tendency for employees to utilize personal devices to perform professional tasks.



Develop Dynamic Tools and BYOD Procedures

Integration with other systems like configuration management and IT Asset Management Systems will be important for bring your own device deployment. They will be sources of critical complementary data and also delivery vehicles for the apps (traditional client or hosted approaches). mPower can help you understand your assets and what impact a BYOD environment will have.



Coordinate Your Efforts

Coordination and a centralized management are critical in order to avoid duplication of effort across departments and to retain some control within the IT organization, at a minimum. The functionality in this area can include workflow management for handoff between key process steps and the logging of results at each step for the purpose of running reports and acknowledging progressions or setbacks.



Don’t Fear Change

Be proactive and prepare for bring your own device success!