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IT Asset Management

"Right-Size" Your Assets. Make Business Decisions.

33% Used
67% In-efficiency

67% of the applications found in businesses are functionally redundant

Giving You the Data and Tools to
Effectively Implement Solutions

Bring Your Own Device
Bring Your Own Device Prepare your business to handle employees using personal devices to perform professional tasks. Learn More
Move to the Cloud
Move to the Cloud Gain a greater understanding of, and regulate your IT assets for a swift migration to the cloud. Learn More
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions Understand all assets and simplify the integration of multiple IT environments through M&A. Learn More
IT Asset Management Integration
IT Asset Management Integration Develop a greater understanding of your assets, how they are being used, and what your true cost is. Learn More
Software License Management
Software License Management Reconcile and consolidate your assets to avoid licensing issues and additional costs. Learn More
OS Updates
OS Updates Find all of your assets and ensure compatibility with any upgrade that your IT environment will require. Learn More

Understand Your Assets


Discover. Normalize. Rationalize.

mPower Advance provides insights into your IT environment. Transform asset data into decision-ready, actionable intelligence, cut costs, and prepare for other IT and other business initiatives.

Reduce IT Asset Discovery Time

5 Days mPower
90 Days Standard

Through technology and market data points from Technopedia, mPower Advance discovers and delivers actionable IT asset data quickly.


Package. Deploy. Manage

Standardized from mPower is an IT asset management tool that provides transparency and saves time and money in continuous packaging, deployment, and management of assets.

Single Image O/S

Reduce Support Time & Cost

Standardized can help you manage a single image O/S and deploy and manage only the assets each employee needs.