ISO Certified Offshore Development and Programming Services

mPower is a leading provider of offshore development outsourcing solutions. With a dedicated ISO certified offshore facility in India, our focus is on delivering quality results.

mPower offshore development resources are depended upon by both small businesses and large Fortune 500 organizations. We help businesses lower IT costs, accelerate development processes, and better utilize resources to meet critical business objectives through technology.

Offshore Development Outsourcing Benefits

mPower's offshore development services are designed to help organizations find ways to reduce IT costs, and obtain higher productivity from skilled resources without sacrificing quality. Risk minimization and accelerating time-to-market for products are just a few of the benefits of mPower's offshore application and software development. Offshore outsourcing helps companies meet these objectives by providing:

  • Cost Savings
  • Best Practices - mPower's offshore outsourcing facility is ISO certified and focuses on quality and continuous process improvement
  • 24x7 operations - The time differential between onshore and offshore allows for around-the-clock management and production of your development project
  • Technology transfer opportunities
  • Access to a large, highly qualified resource pool
  • Rapid scalability and accelerated time-to-market
  • Risk minimization through a highly development mature process
  • Better utilization of your local resources
  • A ready to use development infrastructure
  • Additional infrastructure capacity as needed
  • Highly structured, quality focused software development methodology and process
  • Experienced project management
  • Dedicated, focused teams
  • Warranty and client satisfaction programs
  • Formal quality assurance
  • A mature, well tested offshore development model - CMM Level 4 compliance and ISO 9001 certification

Realizing and Overcoming the Challenges of Offshore Development

Quality processes, talented staff, appreciation of client expectations, and a solid development methodology are the basis of success in all development projects. However, offshore development projects introduce another factor; distance. Distance, if not properly accounted for, can translate to time and disruption of the ongoing communications process. mPower has devised strategies to overcome this additional dimension.

A strong focus on communications is essential to success. This translates into frequent Email, online chat, teleconferencing and videoconferencing, and special emphasis on maintaining a significant presence at the customer location. Where necessary, offshore work shifts can be staggered to ensure overlap with the U.S. team.

Client Involvement
mPower believes a strong partnership with each client is the key to a successful engagement. In order to meet or exceed our client’s expectations, mPower follows a disciplined project life cycle methodology. Involvement of the client in all aspects of the project from requirements gathering to testing and sign-off, is a critical to this process.


On-Site Management
The use of an on-site or dedicated mPower Project Manager/Coordinator is an essential element of this strategy, as it ensures that client requirements and changes are communicated successfully to the offshore development facility. It also relieves some of the burden from the client for communications with offshore that often occur outside of normal U.S. business hours.

On-site staffing for project startup and completion also prove invaluable in the knowledge transfer and implementation processes. That on-site staffing might be at project startup or ongoing throughout the project based on the characteristics of the project.

Another key to offshore development is regular, rigorous project reporting and frequent project deliverables. This ensures that any deviation from plan is recognized quickly and corrected before significant lost time is incurred. ISO 9001 and SEI CMM procedures ensure frequent, accurate, and measurable reporting metrics. These can be used to analyze overall quality and problem areas.


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