Programming, Software and Application Development Services

mPower believes a strong partnership with its clients is the key to a successful development services. At mPower, our goal is to consistently deliver exceptional application and software development services and superior results to our clients.

Our highly skilled employees work to understand your environment, business objectives, competition, and factors that may impact your solution in order to deliver exceptional, on-target results. From custom application and software development to programming assistance and software integration, mPower has the experience to deliver your solution.

  • Full life cycle software development
  • Product implementation and customization services
  • Application maintenance and enhancement
  • Custom Web and Windows-based application development
  • Legacy system maintenance
  • Databases and programming
  • Software development packages
  • Operating environments
  • System integration
  • Offshore development outsourcing

Development Capabilities

Development Technologies
From a technology perspective, mPower has strong practices in Web Development, IBM Mainframe, Client Server and Enterprise Application Integration. Our programming expertise spans a number of technology platforms including ASP.NET, ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, OLAP, .NET, J2EE, PHP, RDBMS, MS SQL, PostGre SQL, My SQL, and more.

Today's complex business problems often demand solutions spanning multiple platforms and technologies. Whether a customer’s need is system integration, application development, Web based or E-Business solutions, multi-tier client server or legacy application maintenance and migration, mPower has the multi-disciplinary resources to handle the task.

Whatever your technology requirements may be, the mPower custom application development team will work with you to design a solution to meet your business needs. Custom application development services include:

  • Software development
  • Web-based applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Business process solutions
  • Third-party software modifications
  • Website development

Offshore Development and Programming Options
Many of our clients choose to utilize our offshore development capabilities, through a unique model of strong onsite project management and quality offshore development. Benefits of this model include the ability to ramp up quickly for large projects, reduced infrastructure costs, access to a large pool of talented developers, and a reduction in overall costs. Through this model, we can deliver quality system projects at significant cost savings. mPower's offshore development strength springs from its extensive offshore experience and the significant resources it has available in our ISO certified facilities in India.

Development Models
mPower is able to offer a number of models to customers, when engaging in a system project. mPower can provide project management and system services for a project developed entirely on-site at your facility. Work can be moved to our nearby development facilities if onsite infrastructure limitations restrict the ability to build a team.

Project Management for Application Development

Commitment to project management is a key component to mPower's application and software development services. mPower provides extensive resources, experience, and leadership for management of projects large and small.

Project Management for Successful Application Development
Commitment to project management is a key component to mPower's application development approach for projects large and small. mPower takes a highly collaborative approach to every technology development project. This methodology calls for full commitment and ownership at the senior management level. The results speak for themselves. Our clients gain access to mPower senior staff members who bring a strong business orientation to project development. In addition, mPower encourages client participation and works closely with senior management to ensure the solution ultimately meets business goals and requirements. Our project management approach emphasizes:

  • Collaboration and communication between client, mPower, and partners.
  • Assembly of a project team - mPower can manage IT development projects that may require additional staffing, training, or additional resources, including in-house staffing and offshore personnel.
  • Careful project planning including analysis and definition of technical requirements, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Close adherence to mPower's application development approach.
  • Project monitoring focused on meeting requirements, deliverables, quality and limiting changes in scope.
  • Quality assurance and testing throughout the development process and ultimately the deployment of a solution.

Application Development Approach and Methodology

mPower employs industry best practices to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient software solutions. We are a leading provider of both onshore and offshore software development and application programming resources, with ISO 9001 certifications.

Methodology Built for Successful Development
Quality processes, talented staff, appreciation of client expectations, and a solid methodology are the basis of success in all development projects. In order to meet, or exceed, our customer’s expectations mPower follows a disciplined project life cycle methodology, which encourages client involvement. A team approach to development, inclusive of client and mPower resources and with project ownership by the client resources, is the most successful model for project development.

A strong focus on communications is essential to success. This translates into frequent communications. In addition to Email, frequent online chat, teleconferencing and videoconferencing are emphasized. mPower strategies to ensure successful communications include integration of walkthroughs into all phases of development to ensure an understanding and fidelity to the original client requirements.

The bottom line on project development is execution. An understanding of the development issues, a sound infrastructure, quality processes, strong development methodology, quality resources, and an understanding of critical success factors is necessary, but not sufficient. The ability to execute within those parameters is the definition of success. mPower's approach to application and software development projects includes:

  • Preparation - project initiation, materials and requirements gathering, resource ramp up, and scoping.
  • Requirements Definition / System Analysis
  • Technical Design / System Blueprint
  • Development / Construction
  • Testing / Verification
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Support

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality control and testing is performed as a separate function of every technology development project. mPower's commitment to producing quality software and applications is at the core of what we do. The results speak for themselves.

Independence of Quality Assurance from Development
mPower views quality assurance as an Independence function of development. mPower uses an independent set of resources to oversee the entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process. These QA personnel ensure that the developers are executing all of the steps in the mPower development methodology and executing them properly to achieve a quality result. It is not enough to have an exacting process defined. It must be successfully followed for each project if it is going to yield the quality result intended in the process design.

Independence in Testing
mPower uses an independent set of resources to perform system testing functions and encourages high user involvement in acceptance criteria, test design, system testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing. In this way, biases and misunderstandings of the development team are not carried through into the testing processes. Our quality assurance activities include:

  • Joint Requirement Development
  • Prototyping
  • Deliverables Review
  • User Acceptance Criteria
  • Test Plans, Scripts, and Test Cases
  • Issue Tracking
  • Project Metrics
  • Issue Tracking
  • Project Reviews and Sign-Off


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