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mPower Standardized – An Approach to Simplifying Desktop Management that Makes Sense

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mPower Standardized Datasheet

Standardized™ from mPower Software Services is a total desktop lifecycle management solution designed to resolve, simplify, and manage corporate IT challenges.

From multiple PC images and non-standard applications, to network device security and software compliance issues, there are many  hurdles that enterprise-level businesses struggle to overcome.

Piling on more technology is the most common approach to “fixing” these issues. This usually leads to IT environments which function, but are not truly efficient, cost effective, or cohesive. Tasks such as large-scale Windows® 7 migrations, technology refreshes, or implementing peripherals like iPads and mobile devices, all become more challenging, costly, and less effective without first establishing a solid desktop management foundation.

mPower Standardized Helps You:

  • Standardize your desktop environment
  • Simplify delivery of new technologies
  • Reduce ongoing end user support costs
  • Manage and track technology assets across your organization

Download the mPower Standardized Datasheet